Subcrew vs Sam Lee

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Written by: editor Oct,05 2010 12:03 PM

Often seen donning funky shades or glasses, Sam Lee a.k.a. DJ BecarefulLee has much on his resume. Being also an actor, a seasonal rapper for the metal/hip-hop band LMF (Lazy Mutha Fuckaz), and now, an entrepreneur, the 35-year old Hong Kong celebrity is the founder of Hong Kong street wear brand, Subcrew. The brand’s name is derived from the words “submarine” and “crew” – cool name for a brand whose crew’s motto is to stay at their post and to go against all odds as one.


Subcrew incorporates youthful, urban and modish styles in their designs, making it a favourite to the young at heart. At present, they have their own clothing, bags and accessory lines, and have even collaborated with brands like G-Shock and Eastpak.


Besides Hong Kong, their brand has opened branches in many Asian countries like Taiwan, China, Macau, Japan and Malaysia, as well as branches as far flung in Canada and New Zealand. Their online store also makes it possible for people to easily purchase the label across the globe.


About Subcrew

Subcrew was founded in 2003. In Subcrew’s team, Sam Lee is the Creative Director responsible for the design work, while Frankie is their Chief Designer for product design and development. Kobe, who is head of public relations and marketing development, works alongside with two other great graphic designers, Fhaione and KS. With the efforts and enthusiasm of the team, the fame of Subcrew has spread throughout the world. Presently, Subcrew has established itself in a leading position in Hong Kong’s fashion sector. Their first store, UNITY, was opened in Taiwan in June 2008. Later, three more stores were opened in Shanghai, Changsha and Guangzhou at the end of 2008, followed by their online store in 2009, so that sales could reach across all borders.

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