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Written by: editor Jul,14 2011 16:20 PM

The show saw the debut of renowned jewellery brand Swarovski with its first optical collection. Touted to be the next must-have in accessories with even greater femininity and elegance, the Swarovski label is over a century old and has now moved into the optical industry with much style and exclusivity.

with us and is ableShowcasing for the first time in Malaysia today, the first sunglasses collection bears all the hallmarks of Swarovski designs created with sensibility, quality and expertise. Because high precision is essential to Swarovski, the company decided to team up with Marcolin who now owns the exclusive licensing agreement for Swarovski Eyewear. Christina Sheng, Regional Manager Asia for Marcolin Group said, “We are excited with our spring/summer collection as Swarovski and Marcolin share a drive for perfection in design. We have created forms that are both fashionable and timeless. We are honoured to have it debuted at Focus Point’s “Glamorous Eye-con Fashion Show”. As the market leader in the professional eye care and eyewear industry, we have no doubt that Focus Point is in sync to present Swarovski’s ideology well.”


Swarovski’s faceted crystal promises ultimate sophistication and has become a guarantee for unique brilliance since 1985. The collection was the highlight of the night with its Malaysian debut of both its optical and sunglasses collections. Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang, President/CEO of Focus Point Holdings Berhad said, “We are proud to partner with Marcolin and be the first to introduce Swarovski’s first ever optical collection and also to be presenting them at our Eyewear Fashion Show 2011 themed ‘Glamorous Eye-Con’.” Going along the vein of what Focus Point stands for, this evening’s showcase included a line-up of 8 international eyewear brands with the likes of Chopard, Zegna, Mont Blanc, Loewe, Roberto Cavialli, Dsquared2 and Tom Ford. “As the market leader in this industry, we remain committed to our promise which is to bring the latest and the best collections
to our fashion-savvy customers. We have specially handpicked all the collections which are being showcased here tonight,” added Dato’ Liaw.

The eyewear show also featured a special collection by Loewe. “The Loewe brand is gaining popularity amongst our customers in Malaysia and we hope that the carefully selected collection conveys a refined allure which goes well with our theme ‘Glamorous Eye-Con’,” he concluded.
Focus Point is currently the market leader in the professional eye care industry in Malaysia, garnering over 10% market share. Focus Point carries over 180 brands of prescription frames and fashion eyewear and is the exclusive distributor of 16 original brands including Loewe, Serengeti, Davidoff and Jaguar in Malaysia.

With a total of 167 professional eye care centres nationwide, the Group operates 7 proprietary brand outlets namely Focus Point, Focus Point Optical City, Opulence, WazzUp, EyeFont, ExcelView and Solariz.


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