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Written by: editor Jul,14 2011 15:02 PM

The campaign was launched with the aim to promote the use of original products through educating consumers about the benefits of buying and using original eyewear and eye care products. The campaign was jointly officiated by Dato’ Tay Kim Sim, President of the Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association, Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang, President/CEO of Focus Point Holdings Berhad, Carol Sim,
Senior Marketing/New Business Manager for Transitions Optical (S) Pte Ltd, Asia, as well as model-actress Dynas Mokhtar, modelactor Steve Yap and celebrity-model Amber Chia.

The existence of counterfeit products in the Malaysian market is certainly an escalating problem. It is becoming increasingly difficult to estimate exactly how severe counterfeit products have affected genuine and proprietary products especially in the eyewear and eye care industry. As the leading professional eye care company in Malaysia, Focus Point launched the ‘Go Original’ campaign as a step forward in combating counterfeit products.
President and CEO of Focus Point, Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang said, “Focus Point is taking the lead to educate consumers through its ‘Go Original’ campaign, so that consumers can be better informed and make smarter choices”.

While many members of the public know and accept that the rampant counterfeiting of genuine eyewear products is unethical, many might not be aware that counterfeit or imitation eyewear and ophthalmic lenses pose a great danger to eyes. Counterfeit eyewear products are typically produced with virtually zero research and technology, are poorly designed (lenses are imperfectly curved and may cause vision problems), offer poor protection from harmful UV rays, and can be dangerous to our eyes and our lives in many ways.

‘Go Original’ campaign is sending out a loud and clear message to educate consumers about the harmful effects and potential damage to eyes if non-original or noncertified ophthalmic lenses are used. “This campaign is therefore part of Focus Point’s corporate social responsibility to ensure consumers do not fall victim to buying imitation products, and to educate the public on the importance of the use of original and certified ophthalmic lenses to avoid potential eye diseases”, advised Dato’ Liaw. Focus Point’s ‘Go Original’ campaign will be implemented throughout all 167 Focus Point outlets nationwide and will continue for a 6-month period. This is a consumer education
process whereby trained Focus Point professionals will be assisting consumers to identify and differentiate products that are original as opposed to non-original, as well as educating consumers on the consequences of using nonoriginal lenses.

Dato’ Tay, President of the Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association, said: “Focus Point’s initiative to ‘Go Original’ with its ‘Original Guarantee’ card with every purchase, gives assurance and protection to consumers for their buying of original products. It also strengthens the Focus Point brand commitment to saying no to nonoriginal eye care and eyewear products.”

Dato’ Tay was referring to Focus Point’s taking the lead to launch an “Original Guarantee” card as part of the campaign to protect their customers’s rights in owning original eyewear. Focus Point is believed to be the first retailer in Malaysia to guarantee customers on their purchases by issuing an “Original Guarantee” card with every purchase of an eyewear product.

“The card will clearly provide our customers with peace of mind on their purchases with the promise of buying only original products from Focus Point. This I believe will reinforce consumer understanding and protect their rights,” stated Dato’ Liaw.

Focus Point is currently the largest chain of professional eye care centres in Malaysia and the only company in its industry to be listed on Bursa Malaysia. Focus Point was the winner of the “Best Local Franchisor”,

“Best Outlet Growth” and the ultimate “Franchisor of the Year Award” in 2009 awarded by the Malaysian Franchise Association. Focus Point was also recently awarded the ‘Ethical Business Excellence Award 2010/2011’ and the ‘Fair Price Award 2010’, both of which were awarded by
the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives And Consumerism.

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