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Written by: editor Mar,25 2013 11:38 AM


Focus Point has redesigned and reopen its Optical City at Ikano Power Centre outlet with a new image concept ‘“The Shop-in-Shop”. The renovation of this Optical City outlet to accommodate these changes, cost approximately RM500,000. It took approximately 1 month to complete the renovation of this outlet which has a size of 2,300-square feet. The new concept incorporates a one-stop centre for eye care and eyewear products under a single roof.


Under this new “shop-in-shop” concept, each brand occupies an allocated retail space under a primary store. Featuring a clean and minimalist design, the redesign aims to provide customers a comfortable shopping experience as they browse with ease through the latest collections by brands. The new concept Optical City at Ikano Power Center showcases a variety of renowned eyewear brands including Loewe, Roberto Cavalli, Swarovski, Serengeti, Prada and Ray-Ban.


One of the much anticipated collections is Ray-Ban's 75th Anniversary limited edition Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra. The first folding model of the Ray-Ban Aviator family features the 22 carat yellow or white gold-plated frames with leather temple tips and casing, and also the new P3 Plus polarizing lens that is available in three different colours - crystal blue, green, and brown. Only 50 units from this collection will be sold in Malaysia, of which 40 units would be available at selected Focus Point outlets, including Optical City at Ikano Power Center.

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