D-I-Y Therapeutic Eye Masks

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Written by: editor Mar,14 2011 16:46 PM

It’s been a long day at work. Your eyes are all dry and tired from sitting in front of the computer the whole day under the cold air-conditioner.

While bunking in is your typical form of relief, you can do even more to make your eyes feel more refreshed the next morning. Using
a therapeutic eye mask can do wonders for your eyes. It helps promote blood circulation to your eyes, carrying the oxygen that is lacking. It can also serve as a method to relax your mind by tuning you out from the distracting surroundings.

The market can have many varieties of eye masks for different purposes, but why not create a budget-friendly, multi-purpose and unique eye mask for yourself? Here’s how:

Things you will need:
1/4 yard of light cotton fabric
Flax seeds
Paper plate
Sewing machine, or sewing kit

Chamomile, Lavender or Peppermint herbs

1 Decide on a light cotton fabric with a design you like. It will need to be soft as you will be placing it on your eyes, which is enveloped by delicate skin.

2 Fold the fabric into half so the print will appear on the inside and face one another. Using a pen, draw lines to indicate a 7” x 5” size of the mask. Then cut the mask out according to the lines.

3 Still in its fold where the print faces inside, sew or glue any loose two sides of the fabric together. Then pull
the fabric inside-out. The prints should be outside now. 
Optional: Customise its appearance to look like an animal or cartoon character face. This way, you can cut and sew them accordingly.

4 Insert the paper plate into the opening and bend it so the fabric appears to be shaped almost like a complete cone, without its pointed end. You will be using this to hold the fabric from falling while inserting the flax seeds.

5 Using a funnel, pour the flax seeds into the ‘pillow’. Do not overfill it because you will need the seeds to mold itself through the fabric onto the shape of your eye sockets and nose. Remove the plate and sew up the remaining opening of the fabric so that the seeds are enclosed.
Optional: You can include Chamomile, Lavender or Peppermint herbs in the mask for a more soothing effect.

6 You can put the eye mask into the freezer if you want a cold mask when you experience swelling, dark circles or sinus pain. Or you can heat the mask up in the microwave for 2 minutes for a warm eye mask, which will relieve the tension around the eyes and relax your eye muscles.

7 Sit back and enjoy your homemade mask! 

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