Looking Great with Make-up AND Glasses

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Written by: editor Mar,14 2011 16:34 PM

Whatever path of career you may follow, you can always look great wearing glasses. Now, the tricky part is to look great wearing makeup AND glasses. Some people seem to be able to look flawless with both make-up and glasses on, while others seem as though they have committed a fashion faux pas. There are actually several methods to getting it right. Read on to find out what they are. 

Left to right: Singer and songwriter, Alicia Keys; Gossip Girl actress, Leighton Meester; and politician and author, Sarah Palin

Concealing shadows
When you wear glasses, its shadow would be cast beneath your eyes. Consequently, if you happen to be suffering from dark circles, your dark circles will appear much darker. Hence, you can apply an eye concealer which will hide the appearance of the dark circles. As the layer of concealer can slip and stick to your glasses, you should set it with some translucent powder.

Concealing redness
Because glasses have weight and are seated on the bridge of the nose for long hours, redness due to the contact will appear on the nose bridge. Furthermore, the sides of the nose will become oily after long wear. To overcome these problems, put concealer on the sides of the nose and apply mineral foundation which can absorb the excess oil.

Dealing with the eyes
The easiest part is to keep your eyebrows well-groomed. But the trickiest part would be dealing with the eyes itself. Depending on the type of lens, your eyes can look smaller or bigger. People with near-sightedness would find that their lenses make their eyes appear bigger, while those with farsightedness, vice-versa. Thus, there are different ways to approach the different effects a lens can give.

Nearsighted: To add ‘size’ to the eyes -

  • Use light-base colours over the entire eyelid, followed by a darker colour on the outer corners and the crease of the eyelid
  • Put a lighter shade beneath the eyebrow to highlight the area
  • Use light colours or shimmery shadows that emphasise the eyes on the inner corner
  • Apply a thick layer of eyeliner, extending slightly beyond the corners of the eyes
  • Draw along on the lower eyelid using white eyeliner to make the eye look even larger
  • Use two coats of mascara to lengthen and add volume to the eye lashes

Farsighted: To create an illusion of smaller eyes -

  • Go for neutral or darker eye shadows on your eyelids
  • Use a darker shade in the creases of the eyelids
  • Make sure the colours are blended well because the flaws will be magnified
  • Limit the amount of mascara and eyeliner applied, otherwise you will be able to see its texture popping out

For the rest of your face, wear foundation and apply a matte finish as the glasses will slip and rub against other areas of your face, smudging the makeup. Avoid putting shiny, dewy or shimmery make-up because they can become messy with the wear of glasses and draw too much attention to the face. Your aim is to complement the glasses, not overpower it.

To sum up, keep your make-up simple and natural. Putting too much bold colours on your face will be distracting in the wrong way. Hopefully, with this guide, the frame of the glasses will frame up a masterpiece.

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