“Claudia Schiffer by Rodenstock” Launches at the opti 2014

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Creative Director Claudia takes her inspiration from the sixties and seventies with the designs of the collection reflecting Claudia´s understated and modern yet timeless style, as well as her love of vintage. The collection encompasses eight sunglasses and nine optical styles each in four varying color ways. They refresh vintage shapes with a modern color accent, ranging from shades of transparent color such as rose pink to elegant tortoiseshell, classic black, burgundy and dark green. 

As well as trying to create beautiful frames it was important for Claudia to work with the best lenses. In Rodenstock she found the perfect partner. Pioneers in leading eyewear technology and with over 135 years of tradition, experience and associated know-how together with highest Eyewear design expertise Rodenstock have established themselves as one of the most important manufacturers of high-tech lenses and frames. Together Claudia and Rodenstock have developed a collection of truly premium eyewear.

The “Claudia Schiffer by Rodenstock” collection will roll out globally from January 2014 at opticians and retailers.


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