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Boasting a new collaboration is the iconic international eyewear brand, Carrera and the most sought-after actor, writer and director, Daniel Wu. 

Daniel is the face on the new Carrera campaign which delivers a strong message which reinforces the brand’s heritage with a great visual impact.The mood of the new campaign highlights the brand’s authentic racing attitude and its indomitable “no compromise’ spirit: speed and racing are embedded in Carrera’s DNA, but so is fashion.    

The CARRERA 80 metal sunglasses epitomize the brand’s racing spirit, with their teardrop shape, combined with interchangeable polarized lenses, for high-quality vision in any light condition. The “Victory C® Logo” visible on the front is an unmistakable signature detail and a new symbol of the brand’s timeless style.  These creations perfectly embody the brand’s stylistic heritage and are a re-edition of the “best of Carrera sunglasses”, models that made history.
The new optical frames also express the brand’s spirit: the CA6603 acetate model has a large, square shape and comes in soft nuances, ranging from beige to grey and Havana.


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