Frames Of Life – Moments Of Life

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Frames Of Life – Moments Of Life

Life is made up of moments that follow each other, constantly bringing something new. It is composed of different sensations and emotions, and our eyewear accompanies you on this fascinating journey, like a trusted accessory from which you never want to be separated. These are not just simple frames through which to observe the world, but instruments through which to enjoy every moment intensely, grasping even the smallest and most subtle of nuances.

This project is inspired by the Giorgio Armani eyewear collections of the Eighties. These are more than just reproductions of original models that rediscover the artisan quality of those collections and evoke the spirit of the traditional production methods used to make eyewear in the past. The initiative is also a strategic one, for which the main production lines, typical of those years, have been started up again.

The result is a collection of eyewear that maintains a strong identity linked to how it is manufactured. At the time these were modern pieces, and now in a modern way we have rediscovered our roots. These are objects with a refined design, which accompany us in every moment of our lives. Strong choices require a sure taste, because no one forgets a look, and a pair of glasses.

“Frames of life” for him

Intellectual chic (GA 828) – A round shape that reflects the elegant taste of the ‘40s.

The acetate front features a metal nosepiece fixed with rivets, and the flex temples are decorated with a thin tubular plastic trim. The colours range from shades of light Havana with palladium temples, to black with palladium temples, Havana with brown temples, reddish Havana with dark ruthenium temples and striped grey with palladium temples.

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