Gucci Genes

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The portraits, shot by Solve Sundsbo, convey a strong yet delicate aesthetic, true to Gucci’s luxury codes. The beauty and elegance of Li Bingbing highlight the sophisticated femininity of these unique sunglasses and optical frames.

The distinctive Bamboo detail, faithful to Gucci’s tradition of working with this material, is translated into two new eyewear models. The square-shaped sunglasses and rectangular optical frames are enriched with natural Bamboo details, which have been historically used by Gucci Florentine artisans since 1947, and are now interpreted as the signature mark of this eyewear collection. The bamboo elements are the result of special treatments developed in our Florentine laboratories, where heating and bending techniques ensure perfect results, creating an expression of tradition and the utmost excellence.

These styles boast innovative materials as the frames are made of bio-based acetate, a special substance that contains a higher than usual proportion of natural components, in line with the House’s commitment to good environmental practice.
The frames, adorned with the engraved Gucci logo on the insides of the temples, are available in natural colors: shiny black (with shaded grey lenses) and Havana (with brown shaded lenses) for the sunglasses; black and Havana for the optical models.
In the images, Li Bingbing also wears an iconic Gucci Bamboo ring with horsebit motif in sterling silver. The Bamboo eyewear campaign will debut from Spring 2014 across the Asia Pacific region in major fashion and lifestyle publications. 


The oversized round-shaped acetate sunglasses feature temples with the Diamantissima crisscross motif in a gold plated tridimensional version, the perfect expression of Gucci’s fine craftsmanship and impeccable quality. Inspired by the Diamante Canvas, an exclusive fabric design tied to Gucci’s storied legacy and created in the mid-1930s, this diamond pattern was first used on luggage. The distinctive crisscross design, which features small interconnected diamonds in dark brown on a tan background, became the Florentine House’s first signature print.
This exclusive detail stands out particularly well on the classic hues of the frames, which feature contrasting-colored lenses: black with shaded brown lenses and Havana with shaded brown lenses. The model is enriched with a metal interlocking GG logo on the inside of the temples and a metal plaque carrying the ‘gold plated’ signature on the insides of the right-hand temple.
The Diamantissima eyewear advertising campaign will be released from August 2014 across the Asia Pacific region in major fashion and lifestyle publications. 


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