Pushing Boundaries

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Just like the people who wear Serengeti, we’ve always had an insatiable urge to go beyond the ordinary.With technology at the heart of everything we do, we never settle, continually looking for new materials,processes and possibilities. Whether youre a globe-trotting photographer, a professional racecar driver,an outback pilot, a marine conservationist or simply someone who likes to go and see and do thingsothers cant, Serengeti offers sunglasses engineered to amplify the way you view the world around you.

Sabine spends most of her time behind the wheel of world-class racecars, zigzagging her way downthe roads of her native Germany. Nicknamed The Fastest Taxi Driver in the World, shes never been one to take it slow. Her immediate surroundings are constantly changing, from shadowed hairpin turns to brightly lit straight roads, which is why she relies on the Photochromic properties of her Serengeti® sunglasses to help her adapt to a multitude of light conditions. 

In an ever -changing world, our lenses are designed to adapt at ever y turn.

As the pioneers of Photochromic technology, Serengeti® is the industry leader in creating lenses that adapt toan array of environments. The molecules in our lenses actually expand in brighter environments, like a sundrenchedroad where UV radiation is heavy, creating a darker lens that absorbs more light. In darker scenarioswith diminished UV radiation, the molecules actually compress and separate, allowing in more light. By lookingthrough lenses that naturally adapt to light conditions, your eyes dont have to, eliminating eyestrain andproviding you with the clearest view possible.

Whether shes walking down the street or driving on it, Sabine prefers tosee everything around her in the best light possible. When her foots on thepedal, youll find her wearing her Aerial sunglasses, outfitted with Drivers®polarized lenses equipped with light-adapting Photochromic technology,so shes able to see obstacles on the road at dusk as clearly as she sees roadsigns in the light of day. But when shes out on the town, Sabine prefers her stylish Caterina sunglasses, which also incorporate Photochromic lenses.


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